Adding to your app

To add to your app, you need just to add the following HTML:

  chatbotId="<your chatbot id>"
  apiToken="<your api token>"
></script> SDK

You can integrate into your own web UI using our SDK.


npm i --save


import { ChatChannel } from "";

// Create a new chat and start listening for messages using web sockets:
const channel = new ChatChannel({
  // See to manage your API tokens
  apiToken: "<your api token here>",

  // Copy the chatbot id from the publish tab in
  chatbotId: "<your chatbot id here>",

  // Will be called each time a new message is received (both user and assistant messages)
  onMessage: (message) => {
      `Received message: id=${}, role=${message.role}, cost=${message.cost}, content=${message.content}`

// Send a message to the assistant
channel.send("What kind of products do you have for sale?");

Data Privacy

When you use Cloud, we store your files and web content in our own database. Questions are processed and answered via OpenAI using the access token you provided. Cloud is only suitable for information that is already public.

If you want to use on your private information, we suggest using Enterprise, which runs on your own servers and connects only to your Azure OpenAI account. When use use Enterprise, we have no access to your information, whatsoever. Azure OpenAI ensures that your prompts (inputs) and completions (outputs), your embeddings, and your training data:

See Data, privacy, and security for Azure OpenAI Service for more information.